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Welcome to csi_drabbles a community for 100-500 word drabbles focusing on CSI, CSI: Miami & CSI: New York.

The purpose of this community is to inspire and promote 100 to 500 word drabbles based on the CSI franchise.

1) All fics must be centered on CSI, CSI: NY, or CSI: Miami. Cross overs are allowed as long as the main focus is on CSI.
2) All fics must be a minimum of 100 words and a maximum of 500. NO more, no less.
3) Multiple parts are allowed, as long as they fit the word requirements for each part.
4) Any spoilers (ie anything from the current season of the three shows must be labeled clearly & should be behind an lj-cut.
5) If the story is above an R in rating must be behind a lj-cut and should be labeled clearly.
6) No flaming, bashing or intolerance of any kind will be tolerated.
7) If posting more than one drabble in a single post, please do so behind an lj cut.
8) This is a fanfiction community, please do not post other communities without prior permission in this community. Even fanfiction related ones. IF you feel it necessary to post a promotion, please contact one of the mods first.

Owner: aaronlisa // starlit_desires
Co-mod: afteriwake

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